Ugly Apes Society

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Key Information

Soleco Take

Mix in ape Design with a rabid community and you often have a recipe for PFP minting success. Some interesting roadmap elements including royalty share and token. Would like more detail on the brand story and roadmap.

  • There is no end to primate PFPs and so from a creator perspective there is the demand there. This collection does have some innovative ape art.
  • It would have been good to set the scene with a solid brand story. What happened to make them ugly? (I do like the art don’t think these are too ugly!).
  • There’s a large, engaged group of apes in the Discord with over 3,800 members as of 8th February.
  • I asked in the Discord what most people are interested in with this collection. Feedback was the art design and road map features.
  • Some interesting aspects of the road map including redistribution of 50% of royalties to holders.
  • Also planned is the Ugly DAO and charity merch.
  • There is a token to be made, called $HOOBA but no details on what they will function as.
  • No doxxed team but compose of three: marketer, developer and designer.
  • Update – have been doxxed according to:


  • Nestorito – Marketer
  • President – Developer
  • Joker – Designer


No information as yet on rarity. As of 8th Feb 2022.


From Discord 30th January 2022

  • Step 1: 3,333 Ugly Apes born in the $NEAR Jungle
  • Step 2: Listing on Paras marketplace.
  • Step 3: Building a strong and ugly DAO.
  • Step 4: Redistribution of 50% of their royalties.
  • Step 5: Creation of our own token, the $HOOBA.
  • Step 6: Launch of our charity merch collection.
  • Step 7: Exclusive events with DAO and $NEAR contributors.

Project Story

No background or brand story as to the origins of the Ugly Ape Society.

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