SolecoVision Games

Gaming has always been a driving force in my life.

The moniker of this site is a nod to my early gaming days with the ColecoVision console.

The advent of blockchain technology has revolutionised game development, especially concerning in-game asset ownership and economic systems.

Following a collaborative journey in game creation, we established our SolecoVision studio in 2022, a publishing house dedicated to blockchain game titles.

Our Story

In 2022, I teamed up with a skilled development team to introduce our game, Nearcrash, to the world on the NEAR blockchain, complemented by an NFT collection.

Since its inception, the game has expanded beyond a single blockchain, undergoing a transformation to become Moonshot, a multi-chain gaming experience.

Our venture continued to grow as we acquired the stewardship of the TAYC gaming platform on the NEAR ecosystem.

If you’re in pursuit of a professional ensemble of developers, marketing mavens, and blockchain aficionados, we’re eager to collaborate and bring your vision to fruition.

Meet Our Team

We are a collective of highly skilled, seasoned in-house developers, creative designers, and astute marketers united by a fervent enthusiasm for blockchain, NFTs, and the thriving Web3 communities.

Dominic Sawyer – Soleco

Project Manager & Head of Growth

I wield frontline expertise as a Web3 game & NFT pioneer, and as a Chief Marketing Officer in the wallet space. My portfolio includes 20 years of project management and marketing acumen, cultivated through leading a Web2 agency and publishing firm.

Yevhen Kovalenko

Full Stack Developer

With over four years of rigorous experience, I am a Node.js maestro with a zeal for blockchain technology. My background incudes significant tenure in developing online platforms for sports and esports projects.


Backend Developer

Integral to the Moonshot team as a Backend Developer, I apply cutting-edge coding practices to enhance our gaming experiences.


Lead Frontend Developer

At the vanguard of Moonshot’s frontend, my journey in tech spans over 4 years, transitioning from seasoned Web2 engagements to pioneering in the Web3 frontier.