The Dons

Looking to mint or buy The Dons on secondary? Here’s my guide to help your research and save time. Knowledge is NFT power.

Key Information

  • Supply: 3,500
  • Website: Under construction
  • Twitter:
  • Discord:
  • Mint Cost: $100 USD
  • Max WL spots: 1250
  • Max Mint for WL wallet: 2
  • WL Mint time: 8:00PM UTC 25th February 2022
  • Public Mint time: 9:00PM UTC 25th February 2022
  • Roadmap Summary: Build strongest community on NEAR, partnerships with best projects (whitelists), partnering with Solana Money Boys to extend their tool for us on NEAR protocol. Something big is planned to be revealed post mint.

Munky Take

Blood makes you related. Loyalty makes you family. NFTs live and die by the community. Much like the mafia. Over the last six weeks the Dons has developed a large and engaged community, catching the imagination and fervour of key influencers. This is the first step of their roadmap and they are well on their journey. Alongside that we have very likeable and characterful art design whose personalities work well as NFTs. They aim to give their members access to the best projects on the NEAR protocol. They are also partnering with Solana Money Boys to bring their tool across the chain – this looks like a very promising tie up. Like Dons IRL they do keep some cards a bit closer to their chests and have teased some big news post-mint.

  • Brand Story: Really strong. From the very first on Discord, Bala (Capo dei capi) has built a rock solid story of course around the mafia, and of course, family – and as we know the bedrock of any NFT, is its community.
  • Post To Mint – 14th January – Mint 25th February. Good amount of time to build the community.
  • Discord – 4,785 members as of 21st February. Large and engaged community. Love the continued branding here around family – family-meeting, family-follow-family etc.
  • Team – from what I can see there is a core team of two.
  • Mint price – TBC (market is particularly volatile, so like many projects, it’s good to wait till closer to mint date before fixing on the price). This has been set at $100. Proved a little contentious (at least on Twitter mainly for not being in NEAR). Certainly NEAR has been volatile / low.
  • Designs – Okay okay so sometimes I’m not to bowled over by design but I LOVE these.


  • Bala is the project creator (Capo dei capi). Very great on community helping posts and Spaces
  • Supported by dev hunnaharms.

Bala is an extremely active member of the NEAR community. You can follow him here – he’s also regularly in Twitter Spaces.

There may well be more, I’m not sure, I will ask Bala.


1) Build the strongest community on $NEAR.

Looking to build the strong community on the the NEAR protocol that builds long term partnerships with the right teams, providing you with white list access to hype projects and just trying to get the good vibes going.

2) Producing the highest quality PFP project.

We want to make sure our project makes one of the highest quality PFP projects on the NEAR protocol. It will be a premier collections partnered with the right teams to give you access to the best projects as they launch.

2) Minting of The Dons.

We will be minting our collection of 3,500 Dons ready to take over the NEAR Protocol. The date is TBA.

3) Partnering with Solana Money Boys.

Partner with Solana Money Boys to bring their tool from Solana too NEAR.

4) Reveal of what we’ve been working on post-mint

What is Solana Money Boys?

Solana Money Boys is SAAS app that is an all one NFT Dashboard.

It enables you to use dozens of tools. It’s free for SMB holders on Solana and I would envisage it will be free for holders of the Dons.

The tool is $24 / month and you may ask yourself why bother holding an SMB, why not just pay the monthly subscription?

This is where it gets interesting.

As an SMB holder you receive a profit share of the SAAS income.

Obviously this depends 100% of the quality of the tool and their market penetration.

The brand tie up for this is very tight -Solana Money Boys & The Dons, the ultimate money boys.

DYOR / NFA – just some thinking out loud here where it may be going.

SMB is more than just tools though – including a staking token. Check out their white paper –

Brand Story

Taken from their Discord this helps build the suspense of what’s to come.

The Pit wasn’t a place for the weak.

It was a thriving metropolis, with darkness, power, and trickery embedded in the cracks. In the day, the sun would shine brightly- blinding the citizens from the reality of their home.

But by nightfall, the cracks would overflow into the well – pulling the two combines reaching for dominance, out of the shadows. The Dons and The Fantomes.

For a long time, The Dons held The Pit – their dealings building the foundations of the very city state itself. They were old-school, where a handshake was an unbreakable promise, and disloyalty ended with death. Fear was instilled in everyone who dealt with them, but so was a certain respect. With all that they were, the word from a Don meant something. Everything. And leading them all, was The Godfather, the greatest.

Nobody knew who he was, or where he came from. They say the first time he was spotted in The Pit was when he bought the compound that sat on the East River- and ever since then, The Dons seemed to grow through the city, in numbers exceeding thousands – until their presence was undeniable.

Until an off Sunday, when a video transmission was hand-delivered to The Dons’ compound. It was just after daybreak. Uncle Frankie was sitting with The Godfather and had Ronny play the transmission at the table.

What happened next, was about to reshape The Pit entirely.

On the screen, was Nico, Uncle Frankie’s adopted son. Beat up, suit disheveled. There was a deep cut on his head, blood mixing with his sweat.

“Last words,” a voice behind the camera orders.

Looking up, his eyes dark with rage, Nico says,

“They feared me. Because I feared nothing. The Dons are coming.” his voice cutting through the camera.

A gunshot rings –

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