Papu Superstars

Looking to mint or buy Papu Superstars on secondary? Hereโ€™s my guide to help your research and save time. Also included is an interview I ran with the founder. Knowledge is NFT power.

Key Information

Soleco Take

Ambitious project combining gaming and NFTs on the NEAR blockchain. The project aims to release/partner with fun games within the Papu universe and featuring characters from other NFT collections.

  • Strong brand story – Papus are superstars born for a life of fame within the Papu universe.
  • There are three Papu pillars reinforcing the brand experience:
    • Community – Strong focus on a community for all NEAR collections (not just Papu). The aim here is that collections from other characters can be included in Papu games.
    • Banana Town Arena – The venue for the Papu gaming universe. Players will compete in live streaming events with the chance to win rewards.
    • Papu Boulevard is where Papu works as a publisher for skilled indie studios to help release / integrate their games into the Papu universe.
  • Strong integration with Twitch – the founder Chavo is a keen Twitch streamer with 4,700 followers.
  • See example demo game below.
  • Current partners include LotusGangNFT from Solana and ASAC from NEAR.
  • Anyone can play Papu games but owning a Papu NFT lets you unlock special skins.
  • Interview – I asked the founder a bunch of questions – see below. Thanks Chavo!

Demo Game

You can see an example mini game where the characters integrated are from a partner NFT collection – LotusGangNFT from Solana.


The project is led by Chavo. His Twitter is @elchavoese. See my interview below for his background and experience in the gaming industry.

He is supported by WaterWaner – who has worked in many sectors including as a twitch trend analysis and managing promotions online.

You can also see his Twitch account here.


Discord: Active group – can’t see the member size. I asked members what appeals in this project, one came back to say “twiiiiiiitch comps, and games ofc, just Papu art and variety feels awesome to mint”.


No rarity as far as I know, each character is unique.

Released 9th Feb in Discord:


Although there is no timeline as such the roadmap looks to focus around both Papu characters and partner collection characters into indie published mini games.

By owning a Papu character I imagine you will have access to certain perks.

“Allow everyone to pick Papu characters for free, but let your holders use their NFTs to unlock unique skins, so they can properly flex”.

At the same time, the project emphasises it’s collaborative nature where all collections are welcome.

It looks like Twitch will be a key part of the roadmap and bringing together a Papu universe on the gaming platform.

Project Story


They have partnered to date with Lotus Gang (Solana) and Antisocial Ape Club (NEAR).

LOtus Gang

You might recognise that some of our characters resemble the Lotus Lad and Lady, we are working with the Gang to bridge Gaming and NFT Communities in a multi-chain perspective. As a courtesy for their constant support, we will be sending 20% of the mint profits to the gang and unlocking perks to their holders.


Antisocial Ape Club

We are working side by side with the ASAC to send NEAR NFTs to the next level. Their holders will be able to participate in our live events, and use their Apes as characters in our games. We will be providing access to the entertainment and gaming side of Papu Superstars to the best projects launched with Jungle Launchpad, growing the NEAR NFT community as a whole.



The network effect goes a long way in the world of NFTs. A tweet backing a project can rubber stamp it in the eyes of all and the FOMO becomes unbearable.

The project outline for Papu has been favourably covered by at least Near Big Brain and Soft Money.

These accounts are influencers for a reason so build this into your research. They’ll be the first to say they don’t know projects will pan out but their thumbs up is a strong indicator.

Latest Tweets

Interview With Founder

Chavo kindly answered these questions a day before his mint. The short time is on me and I thank him greatly for taking the time, particular given how busy he must be.

1. Can you let me know about your experience on the gaming side?

Besides soccer, I’ve been fully involved, both personally and professionally, in gaming all my life.

I’m an influencer advisor in the twitch and TikTok space, I own 2 twitch partnered channels myself (English and Spanish), not big, but I think is a good reference of my involvement!

I’ve managed both Esports teams and projects (nothing huge either, but professionally: money, sponsoring relations), I’ve managed a Neuroscience Esports project for LogitechG to apply this technology to improve player skills and measure peripheral efficiency and connection with player reaction times and emotions.

I also have game design and development background. I’m a hardcore player and I guess with all this I can say I know the Gaming ecosystem from top to bottom!

2. Are there any other team members? Let us know anything relevant about their experience.

Core team is me, with the support of WaterWaner, she’s a renewable energies engineer (master’s degree of fuel cells & hydrogen), but also working in the influencer industry as twitch trend analyst and managing promotions between music artists and streamers/TikTok influencers, she’s trying to build connections with Renewable energies and Blockchain through Gaming.

I have a rich network of people and teams I collaborate with, I just include them in my projects whenever I need them. I have the resources I need always close.

3. I understand gaming will be open to all – can you let me know what Papu holders will receive on launch and over the course of the planned roadmap?

Entertainment and live content is planned to be delivered in the short term. Papu holders will get access to competitions and live events in a more interactive way (prizes available) both as players and audience (in the Arena). There are perks that are private right now and I’ll announce shortly after launch. They’ll also receive NFT Gaming alpha.

Over time they’ll get more art related personalized content and access to Esports. In the long term their NFTs will unlock their unique Papu character skins in our Games, I guess this is the most hyped feature.

The focus is keep content always open but provide a unique extra for holders (they will also get involved voting for important decisions in development). I want other collections to have easy access to us without even needing to own a Papu, and my partnered collections will also have their personalized character for their holders in our games.

4. I saw the sample mini game – do you have any others in the works?

We created that mini game just as something fun for the community and to prove our level of involvement with every little thing we do.

Creating mini games is easy for us, but our goal is building something bigger. There’s a chance that we create a Papu Arcade franchise for browser mini games with little challenges and leaderboards, there’s a cool vision I have of how to evolve that engaging all Near community, but I keep these glorious ideas in private for now :P. There will be time for everything and we’ll decide in what direction we move as we progress with the project and get to know our papummunity.

5. Are there any independent gaming studios you have partnered with?

I’m always in touch with the industry. We’ll pick studios based on the genres we’d like to aim for, we’d even allow the community to choose. Always indie, always talented people that will also benefit from our support, to bring hidden quality studios to life in the process and work with them in their own growth.

Design Examples

Papus are unique – they are non generative.