Mr. Brown

Looking to mint or buy Mr Brown on secondary? Here’s my guide to help your research and save time. Knowledge is NFT power.

Key Information

Soleco Take

Highly original, fantastic illustrations coupled with a strong dev team and large, engaged community.

  • Love the strong brand story – lonely 9-5 character who lives a real life at night through his imagination of 4,200 personalities.
  • Mr Brown has a strong team, fantastic illustrative designer and backed by experienced web3 developers. Their Discord also indicates that TENK are involved – they are experienced developers in the NEAR NFT space. 
  • There’s a strong Discord community with over 2,500 members. 
  • An example of community engagement are these Mr. Brown identity stories under the hashtag #MyBrownIdentity. Take a look.
  • For holders, benefits include prints to top long-term holders, 1/1 commissions for top holders, merch line, Mr Brown DAO and Brown Mind Games. The latter sounds very interesting – can see these designs working well with such a game, and the game is not too far fetched sounding, like many NFT ‘game’ roadmaps.
  • Mint price is on the higher side for NEAR but if any project can justify a higher one I would say the quality of the team, both creative and technical, does warrant it.
  • Mr. Brown has received a grant from the NEAR foundation. You’d expect this to be a good signal.



Each of these is brought to life in these hand-drawn portraits and over 200 unique traits. There is variety in their rarity plus there are a number of 1:1 combinations.

The properties are:

  1. Background
  2. Body
  3. Face
  4. Eyes
  5. Mustache
  6. Eyewear
  7. Hair
  8. Hats
  9. Accessories


From Discord 22nd January 2022

Phase 1 – Q4 2021.

  • Image design and community building.
  • Website and minting Dapp design
  • Brown allocation to early members’ giveaways and collaborations, and future charity auctions.

Phase 2 – Q1 2022.

  • Pre-sale and public minting.
  • Near marketplace listings and verifications.
  • Partnerships and featured artist(s) collaborations
  • Physical perks – X number of high res limited edition prints will be sent to top long-term holders.

Phase 3 Q2-Q3 2022.

  • 1/1 commissions for top holders.
  • Mr. Brown limited edition airdrops.
  • Merch line for Mr. Brown holders.
  • Mr. Brown DAO establishment and further expansion of the Brown brand

Phase 4

  • Brown Mind Games

*The longer-term roadmap will be influenced by active holders. Our community ideas, resources, and coordination will help Mr. Brown become a part of pop culture!

Project Story

The heart of the project is Mr. Brown himself, a lonely middle-aged gentleman who worked his entire life as an insurance clerk. Every day, he wakes up at 6 am, drinks his double espresso shot, and leaves for work wearing the exact same outfit. There is absolutely nothing interesting happening in brown’s day-to-day life, and we could probably end the story without even starting it, if not for the one peculiar detail about him. Brown has hundreds of imagined personalities living inside of his head. Every night he lays in his bed and lives through thousands of stories that happened with his alter-egos. We can now all dive into his imagination.

LOMAKIN aka Brown Creator


Catch a chat with Mr Brown team in this Twitter Spaces recording:

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