Genesis Dragon On Near

Looking to mint or buy Genesis Dragon On Near on secondary? Here’s my guide to help your research and save time. I’ve also included an interview with one of the founders. Knowledge is NFT power.

Key Information

  • Supply: 1,000
  • Website: Live post mint.
  • Twitter
  • Discord (1,450 members – 16th Feb)
  • Mint Cost: 5 NEAR
  • Mint Date: 19th Feb
  • Roadmap Summary: From launch 50% of royalties will be distributed back to holders, Genesis DAO for holders, whitelist spots for members. Royalties sent in NEAR but will be sent in Genesis token once launched.

Soleco Take

A low volume PFP project launched by experienced Solana NFT devs that includes a tempting royalty element, with holders being rewarded with 50% of royalties sent in NEAR and in the future by a collection token, Genesis.

  • Team – Not doxxed, devs have experience on three Solana projects, designer also works on Solana’s Himalayan cats @himacoin.
  • Mint Price – very reasonable at 5 NEAR.
  • Availability – low volume at 1,000. Personal preference but the smaller volume projects do appeal to me.
  • Discord – Good sized community with 1,450 member as of 16th Feb.
  • Partnerships – Collaborations to date have been with partner collections for giveaways. Roadmap includes partnerships to include roadmaps.
  • Design – I’m a fan boy of pixel art and dragons so personally I’m a fan.
  • Brand Story – would love to see this developed with a brand story around the dragons, their genesis and their role in the collection.


I’ve spoken over Twitter with the founder and they include at least:

  • Artist – also the designer for Himalayan cats @himacoin. This is a forthcoming project on Solana. More details on their website:
  • Two devs – worked on Solana projects including Solutions NFT, Towers and Goblins.
  • Community / marketer


Most of the community building has been done on Discord and it has a healthy sized and engaged community.

I asked members what most appealed and the key areas were around the pixel art design and the low volume that would increase appeal.


Phase 1

  • Creation of Discord
  • Twitter Setup
  • Website creation in progress
  • Marketing and collaborations
  • Whitelist of members and giveaways

Phase 2

  • Adoption of Genesis Dragons on Near (minting)
  • Listing and verification on paras
  • Rarity
  • Holders verification
  • Discord/Twitter Sales bots

Phase 3

  • Weekly distribution of sales royalties to hodlers in form of Near token
  • Integration of our holders into Genesis DAO
  • Collaboration with top near projects and getting whitelist spots for members.

Phase 4

  • Free airdrop of tokens to hodlers
  • IDO and launch of Genesis governance token
  • Proposals to be voted on using the genesis token


Launching on the already well established Utopia launchpad from Skellies.

Have collaborated on WL and giveaways with Secret Skellies, Munky Monkeys, ASAC NFT, near street wolves, near collector club.


The team is taking a low key approach, as indicated by their roadmap, marketing and interview comments “This is our first on near chain. And that’s why we’re taking it slow with our elaborate roadmap”.

One large account gave a kind of backing to the team behind it:


Thanks to one of the founders who was able to answer a few questions I had. Appreciate your time!

I know the audience will be keen on this – can you give any more details on how the royalties will work/be structured ?

Firstly, our royalties will be from our NFT sales on paras. We’ll be distributing 50% of the sales royalties back to the community weekly. This will be in form of Near token (at least till we launch our own token). The distribution of royalties kick off next week

What projects have succeeded well with this royalty share that you look up to, perhaps on Sol or Eth? (because NEAR is so new).

A project that succeeded well with this ( I particularly minted this) was meerkats NFT on sol. I still get free sol from them weekly just for hodling their NFT. It was actually part of the inspiration for this

Can you give us some information on your team, their skillset and any previous experience on NFT projects?

Thirdly, the team isn’t doxxed yet but then I can talk about the projects we’ve worked on and some skillset.

Our artist is a top one, he designs for Himalayan cats @himacoin .

The Devs have been a part of teams that worked on about three NFT projects on Solana already. This projects are solutions NFT, Towers and Goblins. This is our first on near chain. And that’s why we’re taking it slow with our elaborate roadmap

We’d also be launching using the utopia launchpad, we’ve collaborated with Secret Skellies, Munky Monkeys, ASAC NFT, near street wolves, near collector club in just this few weeks. This is to ensure that the team is working hard towards making this a community project and a big one at that


No rarity chart has yet to be released.

Though from mod comments in the discord on sneak peek we can see the main attributes and sample data for one.

  • Land- Garden
  • Body – Red Dragon
  • Eyewear-None
  • Mouth- Cigarette
  • Hat- None

Design Examples

Latest Tweets